17711 Spruce Way
Lynnwood, Washington 98037
Phone: (425) 397-6165


Pastor Benji Swinburnson
Email: bencrit@yahoo.com
Phone Number: (425) 397-6165
Diaconal Needs
Email: deacons.lopc@gmail.com
Bulletin Editor
Email: lopc.bulletin@gmail.com
Bulletin deadline: Thursday by 5 PM
The Othodox Presbyterian Church
This is the General Assembly for our Denomination
Their website: http://www.opc.org
Email: http://majik58@hotmail.com
Northwest Theological Seminary
Website: http://nwts.edu
Kerux is the Journal of the Northwest Theological Seminary
Website: http://www.kerux.com
Northwest Creation Network
The Northwest Creation Network is a Christian ministry specialized in educational outreach in creation science apologetics. Our mission is to strengthen faith against the false teachings of naturalism, and encourage the Church to trust in the Bible as authoritative on early Earth history.
Website: http://www.nwcreation.net
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